About Me

I bring a unique blend of medical, scientific and communications qualifications to my editing work.

I have a Bachelor of Science, a PhD in Genetic Epidemiology and twenty years of experience in epidemiological research. In 2012, I completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (Editing and Communications), obtaining first-class honours in every subject.

I also work as a Senior Research Fellow at The University of Melbourne, and I have authored 86 research papers in leading international peer-reviewed journals and have been a principal investigator on many successful grant applications from the National Health and Medical Research Council and the National Institutes of Health (USA). I have edited research manuscripts and grant applications in an academic environment for many years.

I have had extensive experience in the statistical analysis of complex epidemiological data and am familiar with the reporting requirements for publication of research results in peer-reviewed journals.

My work experience and qualifications are indicative not only of my research and writing skills, but also of my capacity to:

  • collaborate effectively with others
  • understand the academic and style requirements of medical and scientific publications
  • effectively integrate and edit the contributions of multiple authors
  • work across a wide range of subject material.

I am a full member of the Institute of Professional Editors.