Copyediting can transform your writing into a highly polished document that is clearly written and error free. Copyediting goes beyond fixing errors of spelling, grammar and punctuation to ensure that the meaning of each sentence is clear and that your writing flows well with appropriate transitions between sentences.

When copyediting your writing, I will:

  • correct errors of spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • ensure that your ideas are clearly and concisely expressed
  • identify and re-write confusing or complicated sentences
  • ensure appropriate transitions between sentences and paragraphs
  • check that your writing uses an appropriate tone
  • ensure that your document conforms to your organisation’s style guidelines or the Australian Government’s Style Manual for Authors, Editors and Printers
  • ensure that abbreviations and technical terms are correctly defined.

If you are happy with your writing and just want errors of spelling, punctuation and grammar corrected, my proofreading service might be more appropriate.

If you feel that your writing needs work on its overall structure, my structural editing service might be more appropriate.