I used Dite Editing Services to get my finished PhD into a presentable, submittable form. Gillian formatted my thesis, putting it into a single document with title pages references and bibliography. She also checked all my referencing to ensure that the style was consistent and correct. That would have been a monumental task for me, but Gillian provided me with a single document ready to submit, and her work was quick and professional. The finished product looked wonderful. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services for help in what can be a difficult process of getting a thesis ready to submit.

Desmonda L (Philosophy PhD candidate)

I was always very casual with my resume because I was confident in my skills and network and thought I could secure any interview that I was interested in. How wrong I was. My resume was out-dated and, without me knowing, was actually stopping me from getting my foot in the door. It was not until a recruiter asked me exactly how old my resume was that I realised how bad it was. I needed help – and fast – and found it with Gillian. She immediately got my resume up to scratch and had it reading like it should read. I am now hitting the job market with a renewed and justified confidence. Thanks so much Gillian.

Graeme B (IT professional)

Gillian helped me with my resume by proof reading and rewriting parts of it. The layout of my original resume was cumbersome and it was considered too long. Gillian used her expertise to reformat the layout and most importantly helped me express my level of expertise and work history in fewer words. The outcome was a concise and professional resume. Throughout the whole process Gill was professional and considerate. I can highly recommend her services.

Gianna C (National Sales Manager)

I would not hesitate to recommend Gillian’s services to someone completing a PhD thesis in science. I honestly don’t think I would have met my submission deadline if it wasn’t for the formatting and copyediting that she provided in a quick and very professional manner. From our very first email communication, I felt very confident in her abilities and throughout the process she was an unexpected source of encouragement. Thank you so much Gillian!

Elisa H (PhD student)

Gillian came to the rescue when EndNote defeated me a few weeks before the submission date for my Master of Philosophy thesis. My document had almost 300 references imported from EndNote, but I didn’t have the time, skill or inclination to edit the EndNote file so that the references displayed correctly and consistently in the bibliography. Gillian did a superb job; my referencing and bibliography are now perfect. Gillian also wrote me detailed notes about what she had done and gave me some great tips on editing the final version of the thesis. She was very nice to deal with, and provided a professional, timely and reasonably priced service. Highly recommended.

Deirdre P (Master of Philosophy student)

I just wanted to thank you again for the assistance you gave me when I needed to update my resume. At a time when I was under a lot of pressure, your calm confidence and high level of competency in editing reassured me, which in turn made me feel more relaxed and confident. The thoughtful and helpful suggestions you made turned my resume into something I am really, truly proud of. It was a pleasure working with you… and I got the job!

Karen O (Administrative Assistant)

Working with Gillian was an absolute pleasure and I would highly recommend her for any editing project you may have. She does excellent work, provides great feedback, and is more than willing to help with questions and clarify things to help you through the process. Her timely and clear communication takes the stress out of the experience and you will learn a great deal from working with her as well. I wish to thank you Gillian and look forward to working with you in the future.

Jedha D, Nutritionist and Health Coach
(Masters in Human Nutrition student)

I have been in my current role for over 10 years and I was thinking about applying for new positions. I realised that to be successful, my very out of date CV required a complete overhaul. I contacted Gillian on a recommendation and I found she was very helpful and easy to work with. Gillian offered constructive advice on how my CV should read and modernised it to today’s standards. This advice was not limited to format but also included valuable strategic recommendations and as a result I ended up with a very professional CV. I would highly recommend Gillian to other friends and family who may need the services of a professional editor.

Colin H

As an expert writing a self-help book, I required a scientific editor who could ensure that my work was of a high standard. Gillian not only helped me with the scientific editing, but she provided a complete service that was second to none. She took the time to understand my book, met with me on a regular basis to discuss any changes, and offered suggestions to improve it at no extra cost. Further, she provided a very professional and efficient service that was of the highest order. Her genuine passion and pride in her work was clearly evident. I would not hesitate to recommend Gillian to anyone looking for a true professional in scientific editing. I am very grateful that our paths crossed. Thank you Gillian.

Anjelo R (physiotherapist)

Gillian is absolutely amazing! I’m currently completing dual Bachelor’s degrees in Science and Journalism and I went from a GPA 5 in one of my subjects to a 7 on the sole basis of her unfathomable attention to detail in terms of grammar and structure. I’ve also learnt a lot from her, and as a consequence my assignment grades are definitely on the incline. She has helped me meet countless deadlines! I would love to take this opportunity to thank Gillian for all that she has done, and will do, for me!

Theresa B (university undergraduate student)

I was looking for someone who could proofread and edit technical writing. I searched the internet and found 2 or 3 good sites and I decided to use Gillian after reading her technical qualifications and extensive publication list. Gillian went through my assignment with a fine-tooth comb and ensured it was professionally presented with correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Geoff T (Master of Science student)

I highly recommend Gillian as an editor for PhD students. She transformed my writing with her meticulous attention to detail and made me proud of the work I submitted. Gillian was also able to fix my messy referencing so that it conformed to the APA 6th rules.

Lucy D (Psychology PhD student)

As a lab scientist, I’ve always had trouble writing papers. Thanks to Gillian, I’ve just had a paper accepted for publication in a top international journal. As well as correcting my grammar and spelling, Gillian ensured that my ideas were clearly presented and made some excellent suggestions for the content of the paper.

Gus D (Microbiologist)

Dear Gillian, thank you so much for proofreading my thesis. Your advice is very helpful. In the future, I will introduce my friends who need proofreading to you. Again, thank you very much for helping me throughout the preparation of my thesis.

Kevin C (Informatics PhD student)