Thesis Editing

Students, especially international students,  can benefit enormously from the services of a professional editor when writing a master’s or PhD thesis. Clear writing ensures that examiners are able to focus on your ideas rather than be distracted by problems with your written expression.

I have experience in the style requirements for different disciplines and I will ensure that your thesis conforms to the style manual or guidelines stipulated by your university.

The Guidelines for editing research theses from the Institute of Professional Editors provide important information for students and supervisors on the role of a professional editor when editing a research thesis.

Professional editing of a research thesis is limited to copyediting and proofreading. Your supervisor is responsible for guidance on the substance and structure of your thesis.

I will ensure that your thesis has:

  • clear and concise expression, using an appropriate tone
  • clear transitions between paragraphs to ensure flow and coherence
  • correct spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • consistent use of style (format, layout and referencing)
  • correct formatting and titles for tables and figures
  • all the required document elements, and in the correct order.